"Little by little, the silent miracles rise up It will seep into you once again.
-"Rise" by TVXQ
Anonymous asked :
You have the most adorable nose ever! So cute. :)

askjfdf no one has complimented my nose before wuuut ahaha i don’t really think so but i think it looks better if i face to the side so i end up doing that a lot in my selcas you guys have probably noticed oops but thank you huehue my nose appreciates your love <33

Anonymous asked :
luv the new icon ;)

oh thank you!!! though the more i look at it the stranger it gets so i might change it if i get a better picture o x o


Sweet cherry semifreddo (by alaczek)

oh so no one is talking to me lol i guess it’s another quiet day i’ll just post a personal update, today was my third day of class and there was an event so i went to that

so far i like tuesday best, then today, then monday but tues/thurs are my busiest days i kinda like it

hopefully school is going well for all of you or you’re enjoying your last few days of summer, hope you all have a lovely school year if that’s even possible ahahaha

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